Month: March 2016

Heart Attacks and Women

Heart attack symptoms often go unnoticed in women. Every year in the United States, 9,000 women under the age of 45 have a heart attack. These six heart attack symptoms are common in women: Chest pain or discomfort. Chest pain is the most common heart attack symptom, but some women may experience it differently than men. Pain in your arm(s), back, neck, or jaw. Stomach pain. Shortness of breath, nausea, or lightheadedness. Sweating. Fatigue. What Women can do to Prevent a Heart Attack: Don’t smoke. Did you know that smoking actually triples your risk of dying by boosting blood pressure...

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Advantages of an Early Morning Work Out

An early morning workout jump-starts your metabolism, and keeps you burning calories at a higher rate all day.  Still need motivation to workout in the morning? Try these 5 motivational tips: Move your Alarm Clock – move your alarm clock to the other side of the bed so you have to get up and out of bed to shut it off. Choose a Workout Partner – you’re less likely to blow off your morning exercise routine if you know someone is waiting for you! Schedule – schedule your morning workout just as you would an appointment!  You’re more likely...

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How do you really know if your child is too sick for school?

Research shows that there are four common reasons children miss school: The common cold Stomach Flu Pink Eye Sore Throat The Cold  Colds are easily spread by contact and are so common that it is often hard to know when to keep your child home from school.  It is suggested that if the child is coughing (this spreads the infection) or has a fever of 100.4 F or higher, it is best to stay home from school. Stomach Flu  The stomach flu spreads quickly due to contact with an infected person or by simply eating or drinking contaminated food...

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Step Into Spring With Easy Health Tips!

Spring is upon us! It’s the perfect time to set some health goals and embrace new opportunities to eat smart and get fit. Here are 8 ideas to motivate and inspire you: Head to a farmers’ market. Choose fresh produce that include things such as leafy greens, broccoli, and cauliflower. Swap sugary desserts for fruits. Instead of choosing cookies, pastries, or chocolate snacks, opt for naturally sweet fruit. Make salad your main course a few times a week. For variety, try topping your salad with things such as sweet corn, diced tomato, or avocado. Grilling!  Grilling skinless chicken breasts and thighs,...

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Nutritional needs for Men

Men need nutrients that can help them maintain muscle mass. Quality nutrients are critical for maintaining immune function and preventing bone loss,  and muscle loss. Here is a list of 3 health-improving foods for men: Bananas Bananas are a great portable source of quick energy and are rich in potassium, which is needed to regulate nerves, heartbeat and, especially, blood pressure. Diets rich in potassium and magnesium (which is also found in bananas) can reduce the risk of stroke. As an excellent source of vitamin B-6, bananas can also aid your immune system, help form red blood cells, ensure...

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