Month: May 2016

Are you at Risk for Zika?

Preventing Zika – the spread, threat, and exposure to it is nearly impossible. The good news regarding the Zika virus, which is primarily transmitted via the Aedes species of mosquito, is that it affects most people like a mild to moderate flu – rarely requiring hospitalization and even more rarely resulting in death. In fact, if it’s contracted at all, Zika virus symptoms are usually so mild that most people don’t even know they contracted it. The bad news is that Zika virus poses a more serious risk to pregnant women because it can cause a birth defect called microencephaly, as well as other fetal birth defects if the virus...

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Avoid wrinkles, aging, cancer and pain of the skin

Direct exposure to sunlight helps to produce Vitamin D.  This typically  requires about 5-10 minutes in the sun each day in the summer and 10-20 minutes in the sun during winter months. If you don’t get this, consider taking supplements of Vitamin D. Rather than getting too little sun, the far greater risk is getting too much. Sun exposure causes not just unsightly aging and wrinkling, but is responsible for the dramatic rise in skin cancer. Children who get sunburned have a doubling of their risk of developing the most dangerous skin cancer, malignant melanoma as adults. There is...

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5 Everyday Activities to Boost and Improve your Health

What if you found out the road to better health and nutrition was already built into your daily map? That the steps required to improve your health wouldn’t add anything extra, but you can simply tweak steps already inherent in your daily routine? How to Improve Your Health Without Changing Your Life Sometimes, the most daunting thing about articles on “how to improve health…” is that they include lists of activities or “extras” that are impossible to incorporate into an already-too-busy life. The good news is that a healthier and more nutritious life doesn’t need to require extra time or equipment....

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Need a prescription filled and either paying cash or have high deductible?

Need a prescription filled and either paying cash or have a high insurance deductible? Prescription costs are skyrocketing faster than other medical costs. Whether you are paying cash or have a very high deductible, the first thing to do is to inform your prescriber of the situation before the prescription is generated.  Discussing the advantages, disadvantages, and general costs of the medications with your doctor will assist you in making an informed decision. If you are fortunate enough to have a local pharmacist who knows you and is consistently available, I would tend to stay there, (unless pricing appears...

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Can you starve yourself into not losing weight? No!

Can you starve yourself into not losing weight?  Not likely! There is a popular myth held by many in the health and weight loss community that suggests extreme calorie restriction can put your body into a “Starvation Mode” that will cause you to be unable to lose weight. However, according to the findings of recent research – Persistent Metabolic Adaptation 6 Years After “The BiggestLoser” Competition – , it is true that rapid weight loss can trigger an adaptive thermogenesis where you need 100-500 fewer calories daily than predicted by your body mass. Indeed, your metabolism can slow down,...

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