Month: June 2016

Summer Sun Protection for your Family

“Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun; Please shine down on meeee!”  There’s an abundance of songs celebrating the return of sunshine this time of year, and, contrary to what you might think, sun exposure isn’t a bad thing. In fact, the reaction between natural sunlight and our skin creates vitamin D, which is found in very few foods. A moderate dose of sunshine is healthy, but too much can lead to sunburn and other skin-related issues. This is why it’s so important to limit your family’s peak sun exposure throughout the summer season. Limit Peak Sun Exposure Sun protection, which is available...

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Willpower vs. Skillpower

Motivated to Change, But Can’t? If you are motivated to change a behavior, are you making a mistake in thinking that it is all about having willpower? While willpower plays a role, it is really more about having “skillpower.” Changing  habits and lifestyle in order to positively impact wellbeing initially tends to be successful about 5% of the time. This is true whether the need is to quit smoking, lose weight, have better relationships, etc. Having a big plan that focuses solely on willpower is likely to fail. Skillpower Trumps Willpower Who hasn’t entered the cycle of deciding that...

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6 Summer Activities to keep the Kids and Family Active

Imagine a world without air conditioning where people spend significant portions of hot summer days outside socializing, or heading to parks and rural areas in search of cool shade and a hint of breeze. Children swim in the nearest bodies of water, or chase each other through sprinklers and hose sprays. There isn’t a need to schedule outdoor activities for kids, because everyone is already there. Since the advent of affordable air conditioning, it’s easy to spend entire days inside going about business as usual—watching TV and keeping up with social media posts, while the kids hole up in their rooms playing video games...

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What is a Healthy Diet?

What is a Healthy Diet? It is a struggle to digest all of the information about what is, and what are not, healthy foods. There are so many sources of conflicting advice. Emotion, beliefs, and ulterior motives tend to influence conclusions. In many cases, what is kosher for one individual is simply unpalatable to the next. So, let’s accept there are few to no conclusions that apply to everyone. So, if someone approaches you belching out an emphatic belief that they know what you should be eating, it would probably be wise to first understand where their biases originate...

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Why Are You Gaining Weight With Age?

Most Gain Weight with Age Due to Aging Muscles Our muscles shrink as we mature. How much energy we burn and how much we can eat without gaining weight is determined primarily by the size of our muscle mass. After the age of 30, on average, we lose about 1% of our muscle mass each year. So, if one’s activity level at age 30 is the same at age 60, we have to eat about 1/3rd less or gain weight. Most are aware that they are eating a bit less, but may not be aware of how much less...

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