Month: October 2016

The Importance of Setting Limits for Children

Have you ever noticed freeway traffic automatically slows down when the shoulder is closed? We innately slow down in response to newer and narrower boundaries. Children operate in a similar way. The wider the boundaries you give them, the more apt they are to move through life at a faster, more dangerous and slightly reckless pace. They will swerve more often than necessary, seeking the outer limits of whatever boundaries are – or are not – present. Consider setting healthy limits for children. Setting Limits for Children Cultivates Self-Control, Safety, & Well-Being Setting limits and sticking to them is easier said than...

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Teens and Social Media: Here’s What the Experts Are Saying

Try to take a smartphone away from a teenager and you may be shocked at the dark look and snarl you receive in response. Deny your newly inducted jr. high schooler from starting a Facebook account and the dramatic outburst you face can seem outrageous. But here’s the thing: social media outlets have become a focal point – perhaps the focal point – of American pop culture. As a result, parents in this early part of the 21st century are honorably grappling with questions, like, “does social media do more harm than good,” “how much is too much,” and, “am I ruining my child’s life...

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Beating the Back-to-School Blues: The Importance of Parental Self-Care

Hello, summer? Can you hear me? Where’ve you gone with your languid weekend afternoons and post-work evenings by the grill? Are you out there, summer? I need you! Kids get all the focus when it comes to back-to-school season. There’s new clothing and school materials to purchase, reshuffling of carpools and daycare drop-offs, school and athletic registrations, back-to-school nights…and the list goes on. In the meantime, already overworked parents and step-parents survive on autopilot, bouncing from required activity to the next – to the point of exhaustion. Parental Self-Care is Part of Being a Great Parent The reality is that you...

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