Month: July 2017

How to Improve Your Health Without Changing Your Life

What if you found out the road to better health and nutrition was already built into your daily map? That no additional steps are required, and you can simply tweak steps already inherent in your daily routine? Sometimes, the most daunting thing about articles on “how to improve health…” is that they include lists of activities or “extras” that are impossible to incorporate into an already-too-busy life. The good news is that a healthier and more nutritious life doesn’t need to require extra time or equipment. All you have to do is adjust a handful of your everyday activities and you’ll...

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10 Tips to Enjoy Workouts Without Unnecessary Spending

Workouts are required if you want to be fit, but they can be expensive. Between gym memberships, shifting workout trends, and purchasing equipment for the home, price tags add up quickly. It’s especially painful if you do all that investing and don’t stick with it. Whether you’re on a budget or simply want to make sure “the proof is in the workout pudding” before sinking a bunch of money into it, we recommend finding less expensive ways to get your cardio up and tone those muscles. If you end up falling in love with something, you’ll know a larger investment – like...

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Screentime is Equal Between Parents and Kids

Mahatma Gandhi’s quote, “be the change you wish to see in the world,” has been written thousands – if not millions – of times. It’s a way to translate the macro-view to the micro-version. While originally spoken to impact our view of the world and our relationships with others, parents might do better applying this adage to their household: be the change you wish to see in your children. Did you have to put down your smartphone in order to give your child a lecture about limiting their screen time? It sounds funny, but it’s not all that unrealistic....

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Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism and Asberger’s syndrome are both in the spotlight these days. Diagnoses of these related disorders are rampantly increasing and leaving experts – as well as the public – wondering how much these numbers reflect environmental causes and/or whether it’s due to a greater awareness and better diagnostic assessments. Either way, families with children – or parents – diagnosed with either of these disorders can feel increasingly helpless. It can seem as if your entire life is turned upside down when trying to meet a single individual’s needs. If you suspect your child or partner may be autistic, or may show up...

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Are you Getting Enough Good Sleep? 5 Signs it’s Time for a Better Nighttime Routine

There’s an obvious difference between good sleep and terrible sleep. The difference between good sleep and mediocre sleep, however, isn’t always as noticeable. Sometimes, for a range of potential reasons, the brain spends too much time in lighter sleep cycles, and not enough time in deep sleep cycles. When this happens, it might seem like you’re getting a full night’s rest when, in fact, the body is actually sleep-deprived. Five Sure Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Good Sleep The Sleep Academy has a simple “test” they give to determine whether participants get enough sleep. Below are five signs their sleep...

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